Group Supplemental Plans
Now more than ever you need benefits that help your employees protect what matters most.
 Your employees deserve benefits that work just as hard for them as they do for you. By adding a Supplemental Plan to your benefits package, you can help your employees protect what matters most to them.
  1. Protect employees income.
    By offering individual policies and group insurance plans, you'll be helping employees get cash benefits - that can be used to help cover rent, groceries, and other daily living expenses - if there out of work. and the best part is you can offer your employees these benefits with no direct cost to you or your company.
  2. Major medical supplement.
    You may already offer major medical to your employees. But in the event of an illness or injury, there may be out-of-pocket medical expenses that aren't covered by your major medical coverage. Supplemental insurance plans are designed to help with those too, which means your employees can use those cash benefits to help with unexpected medical expenses and daily living expenses.
  3. Hold on to what’s theirs.
    If one of your employees has a serious accident for illness, that family's finances could be impacted. Medical expenses can quickly eat into savings. Individual insurance policies and group insurance plans let employees protect what they've worked hard for with cash benefits to help cover the costs of everyday life.
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Group Plans

Critical Illness
Insurance Savings

Helps with the costs of treatment if your employees experience a covered health event,
such as a heart attack, stroke, or paralysis.

-lump sum benefit payed directly to the insured for covered critical illnesses
-25% child benefit
-Additional Occurrence and Reoccurrence benefits
-Annual Health Screening Benefit
Hospital indemnity

Helps provide financial stability for your employees everyday expenses and medical
treatment if a covered accident occurs.

-24 hour and nonoccupational coverage
-Wellness, Ambulance, and Physical Therapy Benefits
-Optional Sickness and Optional Catastrophic Accident Rider
-Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit
-Hospital Confinement Benefit

was the average facility price for a hospital stay

Life (Term or Whole Life)
Accident Insurance

Additional protection for your employees to help their family maintain their lifestyle
if something were to happen to them.

-Can provide up to $100,000 of whole life insurance or term life insurance
-Accidental Death Benefit
-Portable Coverage
-Waiver of Premium Benefit
-Accelerated Death Benefit

Provides benefits for employees routine dental care and much more with no network,
deductible or pre-certification requirements.

-No Deductibles
-No Annual Premium Reviews
-3 Coverage Options (Basic, Standard, and Premier)
-Guaranteed Issue
-No Coordination of Benefits
Supplemental Hospital Indemnity
disability Insurance

Helps provide financial stability for your employees to help with the noncovered expenses
of a hospital stay.


people seek medical attention
for an injury each year.

-Daily Hospital Confinement Benefit
-Intensive Care Benefit
-Physician Office Visit/Hospital Emergency
Room Visit Benefit
-Surgical and Anesthesia Benefit
-Hospital Admission Benefit
Hospital indemnity

Provides your employees with a source of income if they become disabled due to an
accident or illness.

-24 Hour and Nonoccupational Coverage
-Pre existing Condition Benefit
-Partial Disability Benefit
-Portable Coverage